LLM App Context

Ingest documents, data, and more to provide context for generations.

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Trusted by hundreds of innovative AI Teams, including those driving impact at

Colab Cohorts
Air Space Intelligence
Croma Pharma

Collaborative prompt engineering

Explore, save, and collaborate with your team. Prototype completions, assistants, and workflows.

Track changes and integrate into your product development workflow.

Automatically evaluate prompt and model changes.

Klu LLM Studio Interactive Design Environment

Build with your choice of best-in-class LLMs on Klu, including

OpenAIAnthropicAzure OpenAIGCP Vertex
with Llama 2 and Mistral 7b support on Cloudflare and Replicate, Cohere and more

Enterprise-grade Connectors for Retrieval (RAG)

Context offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities for technology companies building and deploying AI systems, including the ability to ingest documents, use connectors to pull real-time data, use APIs to feed custom context data, and provides a user interface to upload relevant documents and media.

Klu LLM App Platform
Ingest Documents
Ingest documents, data sources to provide context for generators.
Connect SQL, Snowflake, Elasticache, Redis
CRM, Knowledge Base, and Ticketing
No-code Publish
1-click deploy

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Loved by AI Teams

“Platforms like Klu.ai are at the forefront of addressing business needs. Klu.ai stands out by offering a well-considered alternative to DIY solutions and the flexibility for businesses to integrate their own data and models.”

Tim Sharp
Section School & Gen8

“Explored the @klu_ai private beta today and successfully developed a chatbot for a friend's hotel, integrated seamlessly with WhatsApp in under 30 minutes! A big thank you to @0xSMW for crafting such an intuitive platform for LLM apps. Eager to dive deeper and experiment further!”


“Klu helped us quickly address concerns over data privacy, regulatory compliance, and security when helping Enterprise clients adopt LLMs.”

Luciano Radicce

“Wow, this platform looks awesome. Mistral 7b when hehe?”

Viet Le

“Amazing! 1-click fine-tuning is the feature that i am more attracted too. Can't wait to try it out!”

Mouly Taha Sarkadi

“We're using Klu at Productlane and use it to build all our AI Features – automatic Linear issue suggestions for feedback and summarizing feedback.”

Raphael Fleckenstein

“Fantastic! Awesome team and product - I'm sure will go 🚀 !!!”

Ilai Szpiezak

Advanced Vector Database

Build and scale on any major LLM provider, comparing models in real-world deployments. Ship advanced use cases with multi-tenant meta filtering.

Observe and improve your features with state-of-art optimization techniques. All data is yours, and easily portable to other systems.

Developer-focused tooling for Python, TypeScript, and React UI accelerates development.

Leading LLM App Platform
Vector RAG
Add context documents via APIs or UI
Vector Filtering
With Context Metadata
Real-world user behavior and feedback
Data Management
Advanced filters, import/export

Functionality that scales with you.

Start for free, building and evaluating your generative features.

All plans include FREE GPT-4 Turbo runs for prototyping and evaluations.


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  • 300 Daily Runs
  • 1k RAG Documents
  • 3 Projects w/ RAG Context
  • Capture User Feedback
  • Standard Support
  • AI21, Anthropic, Cohere
  • Google AI, Groq, Mistral
  • OpenAI, Perplexity, Together AI
  • AI Feedback
  • Evaluations
  • Fine-tuning
  • Analytics
  • FREE GPT-4 Turbo


10x more usage, perfect for small projects and teams optimizing features.


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  • 10k Monthly Runs
  • 100k RAG Documents
  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • 9 Projects w/ RAG Context
  • Team Collaboration
  • AWS Bedrock, Azure AI
  • Cloudflare, GCP Vertex
  • Huggingface, Replicate
  • A/B Experiments
  • Change Versioning
  • Deploy Environments
  • FREE GPT-4 Turbo


Enterprise-scale Klu, with activity logs, reporting, and workspace security.

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  • FREE GPT-4 Turbo

By 2030, every product will be powered by AI, and personalized to each user. Let’s get started today.

Klu transforms how AI Engineers & Teams work, enabling rapid iteration based on model, prompt, and user insights.

The future is not about building AI systems to replace humans, but about building new functionality that help people finish boring work faster, spot blindspots, and uncover new opportunities to do their best work.

Klu enables every software product to personalize to the person using it, and help them learn and accomplish tasks faster, better, and more efficiently.

Founding Team

  • leading LLM App Platform CEO

    Stephen M. Walker II

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • leading LLM App platform CTO

    Stefan Sabev

    Co-Founder / CTO

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