Just Launched: Our expanded, global OpenAI GPT-4 deployment

by Stephen M. Walker II, Co-Founder / CEO

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Update November 20, 2023: Klu's global deployment now supports GPT-4 Turbo (gpt-4-1106-preview) with expanded regions, including: India, Norway, and US West.

Klu's global deployment of Azure OpenAI GPT-4 across 15 regions enables redundancy, load scaling, and regional privacy compliance for superior generative AI capabilities.

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Klu.ai continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the realm of Generative AI. With our recent global deployment of Azure OpenAI GPT-4, powered by our strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure, we have taken a significant leap forward. This deployment not only enhances the capabilities of our platform, but also underscores our commitment to providing an exceptional customer and developer experience.

In this update, we dive into the details of our global deployment, including the regions we support, and discuss the importance of redundancy, scaling, and regional privacy.

Klu.ai's Global Deployment of OpenAI GPT-4

Supported Regions

Our global Azure deployment of OpenAI GPT-4 currently spans across 15 regions, providing a robust and reliable network to support the diverse needs of our users. Here is a detailed breakdown of the regions we support:

klu-usNorth Central US
klu-us-westWest US
klu-east1East US
klu-east2East US 2
klu-caCanada East
klu-gbUK South
klu-euWest Europe
klu-frFrance Central
klu-swSweden Central
klu-noNorway East
klu-szSwitzerland North
klu-inIndia South
klu-auAustralia East
klu-jpJapan East
klu-us-legacyLegacy Davinci Era Models

Our strategic partnership with Azure has been instrumental in this global deployment, providing us with the necessary infrastructure and resources to make it possible.

Importance of Redundancy, Load Scaling, and Regional Privacy


Redundancy is a critical aspect of any network infrastructure, particularly in the context of AI applications. By deploying OpenAI GPT-4 across multiple regions, we ensure that there is no single point of failure. This redundancy allows us to maintain service continuity even if one or more regions experience issues.

It also enables us to distribute the workload across various regions, thereby reducing the risk of overloading a single region and ensuring optimal performance. Fallback mechanisms are essential for maintaining service availability during disruptions or failures.

Our global Azure deployment strategy includes robust fallback mechanisms that automatically reroute traffic to alternative regions if a particular region is experiencing issues.

This ensures that our users can continue to use our services without interruption, thereby enhancing the reliability and resilience of our platform.

Load scaling

Our platform uses dynamic resource allocation to adjust the resources based on the current load. When the load increases, the platform automatically allocates more resources to handle the additional demand. Conversely, when the load decreases, the platform scales down the resources, thereby ensuring efficient utilization.

Load balancing is another key aspect of our load scaling strategy. We distribute the incoming traffic across multiple regions to prevent any single region from becoming overloaded. This not only enhances the performance but also improves the reliability of our platform.

Regional Privacy

Data privacy is of paramount importance and we believe the best default maximizes privacy. Different regions have different data privacy regulations, and it is crucial to comply with these regulations to protect user data. By deploying OpenAI GPT-4 across multiple regions, we can ensure that user data is processed and stored within the respective regions, thereby complying with regional data privacy regulations.

Additionally, our partnership with Azure excludes all customer traffic from logging or training future models. Your data is your data.

What's next

At Klu, we are committed to providing our users with a robust, reliable, and secure platform for harnessing the power of Generative AI. Our global deployment of OpenAI GPT-4, powered by our partnership with Azure, is a testament to this commitment. By ensuring redundancy, implementing robust fallback mechanisms, and adhering to regional privacy regulations, we strive to deliver a superior user experience.

Whether you are a developer looking to leverage the capabilities of large language models in your applications, or a business seeking to streamline your operations with AI, Klu is your go-to platform for all your Generative AI needs.

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